Our vision is that business professionals increase their contacts by attending regular meetings with like professionals. A professional exhibits a courteous, conscientious and general business-like manner in the workplace and on the Internet.


The association shall be known as Crescent City Business Referral Network (“CCBRN”).


Section 1:

The member seat holders and visitors agree to give their own business to other CCBRN members and agree to actively refer clients, customers, friends, associates, neighbors, acquaintances, etc., to one another. There can only be one member per unique business category in CCBRN who are seat holders. However, visitors can participate at the discretion of a seat holder.

Section 2: Members are expected to give “qualified” referrals within the association.


Section 1: Seat holders shall be considered to be active seat holders if they attend 6 meetings in a year or 5 meetings and one executive meeting. Seat holders do not hold equity in the association.

Section 2: Seat holders voted in must submit application and go in front of the membership committee to be approved.

a). Voting for a seat member is accomplished by the rules of the membership committee.

b). Membership in other referral associations is allowed.

c). Business Category conflicts of interest: At times there will be similarities in the type of Business Categories (seatholders) represent. (Example: both investment advisor and life insurance professionals sell mutual funds.) If such a conflict does occur, the prospective new seat holder must write a letter to the membership committee how he/she will represent the association and not be in competition with the existing member.

Section 3: All seat holder members must meet minimum goals to retain membership status and have no equity in the association.

a). Follow and support CCBRN’s bylaws.

b.) Provide a propensity to provide referrals.

c). Provide leadership support , logistical support like coffee, space procurement etc ,and monetary support.....


CCBRN will operate with the following Officers who are to be elected once every two years. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, Membership Director, Internet Director and Sergeant At Arms. If any of the Officers are not able to complete their term, the vacancy is to be filled by the Executive Board.

Section 1: The President shall act as the executive officer of CCBRN and preside at all CCBRN meetings, provide general supervision over the affairs of CCBRN perform normal duties incumbent upon a President and report to the Executive Board. He also is to attend to all communications with the World Trade Center and secure our web server.

Section 2: The Vice President is the President Elect, and needs to be aware of the President’s responsibilities and should be ready to substitute for him/her whenever necessary.

Section 3: The Secretary/Treasurer is the CCBRN’s recorder and communicator, and is responsible for taking the minutes of all Executive Board meetings. These minutes are to be posted on the CCBRN’s web site. He/She is also responsible for monitoring CCBRN attendance. The Treasurer manages CCBRN’s check book, collects any fees, and advises the Executive Board regarding the financial well-being of CCBRN.

Section 4: The Membership Director is responsible to assist CCBRN members, recruit new members and insure that each new member has a CCBRN mentor. He is the committee chairman of the committee of membership of a total of 2 members and himself to vote on the approval of a seat holder. The committee settles seat holder disputes.

Section 5: The Internet Director and Sergeant at Arms is responsible for content approved by the Executive Committee policing email correspondence with proper etiquette and decorum of meetings.


CCBRN is governed by its Executive Board and shall consist of the 5 officers.

Section 1: The President shall preside over the Executive Board and be the Chair of the Board. If for any reason a member of the Board is not able to complete his/her term, the Board is responsible for appointing a replacement who will complete the replaced Officer’s term. The Executive Board is responsible for the overall management of the club. The Executive Board must meet twice a year, a majority of Board members constitutes a quorum. A majority vote of the quorum is required to approve any item before the Board.

Section 2: Because of the tremendous diversity of how business is conducted around the New Orleans area, the Board has considerable leeway when enforcing these Bylaws. Examples of areas that can be changed by the Board would be: 1) Attendance requirements, 2) Referral requirements, 3) Elections, 4) Meeting Agendas, 5) Officer Duties, etc.



It is expected that all members of the association will act in a professional, honest and ethical manner, not only during association meetings but also within their overall business community. The executive committee of the association is authorized to interpret these rules and to take any necessary action to preserve the reputation and integrity of the association, including the options of suspending or expelling a member from the association for good cause defined below. The membership of any association member who knowingly and willfully violates or fails to comply with the Bylaws shall be terminated.

Section 1: Good Cause is defined as:

a). Any refusal to adhere to CCBRN’s bylaws or rules or conduct that would cause CCBRN embarrassment.

b). Any refusal to abide by the Code of Ethics.

c). Any refusal to make timely payments to CCBRN for meeting dues or other assessment.

d). Any conduct unbecoming of a professional business person.

Section 2: Definitions

a). Expulsion: This will result in loss of seat in CCBRN including all rights off resolution, and cause immediate termination. Member information will be removed immediately from the web site. This does not preclude or relieve the terminated member of any liability to CCBRN accrued prior to the expulsion.

b). Suspension: This will result in the member losing all rights in CCBRN for the time period of the suspension. Member information on the web site will be restricted. Suspension does not preclude or relieve the member of any liability to CCBRN previously accrued.

Section 3: Procedures: The Executive Board will appoint an Ethics Committee consisting of three members. It is the job of the Ethics Committee to review all violations of the Code of Ethics and the Good Cause provisions in Section 1 above. If a complaint is made, it must be submitted in writing to the Chairperson of the Ethics Committee with a copy made to the Executive Board. The Ethics Committee will then report to the Board with their findings and recommendations within 14 working days. The Board must meet within 14 working days to review the complaint. The alleged violator is to receive a copy of the written complaint and the Ethics Committee’s findings and be invited to meet with the Executive Committee to explain his/her actions. Upon reviewing all matters pertaining to the complaint, the Executive Committee will determine if a penalty is necessary and notify the member of its ruling in writing.


The election of Officers and Directors is to take place sometime during the month of February and the Annual Meeting is held at the first meeting in March.

Section 1: Selection of CCBRN’s Officers is a process started by the President appointing a Nominating Committee of three (3) members.

Section 2: If the office of the President becomes vacant, the Vice President will automatically assume the office. If any other office becomes vacant, the position will be filled by the Executive Board.


Section 1: Official meetings are set or calendared in the official website of CCBRN.

Section 2: The Annual Meeting of CCBRN is held during the first two weeks of March. At this meeting the new officers will be installed.


Section 1: Prospective members are required to pay a one-time membership fee paid to CCBRN.

The one-time fee is nonrefundable unless the applicant is turned down for membership.


Section 1: All members are expected to read these Bylaws and are deemed to have accepted them and any subsequent changes and shall be bound by them in all respects. Changes to the Bylaws will occur from time to time, and will be posted on the website.

Section 2: CCBRN is an organization and is not to be used in any way for political purposes. Any racial, ethnic, gender, age, religious or any other type of discrimination is strictly forbidden.


Section 1: These Bylaws, rules and the basic CCBRN operating procedures are guidelines for the orderly functioning of CCBRN, and are to be followed at all times.


Amendments or changes can be made to these Bylaws once a year at a general meeting by CCBRN’s Executive Committee.

Crescent City Business Referral Network